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Story Behind Main Characters and Villains

picture of Inuyasha A hanyou (half-demon) that is arguably the main character of the series. On the outside, he can seem to be selfish, violent, and short-tempered. As the series progresses, though, he is shown to be more kind-hearted. He wishes to use the Shikon no Tama's power to make himself a youkai (full-demon). He wields the demon blade Tetsusaiga, which was found in his father's grave hidden in Inuyasha's right eye (see episodes 5-7). His past love for the priestess Kikyo holds him back from advancing the relationship between him and Kagome.
picture of Kagome The fifteen-year old girl from the present age, Kagome travels with Inuyasha and etc. on the quest to recover the fragments of the Shikon no Tama. She could be considered the main character of the series. Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo.The relationship between her and Inuyasha is one of the main conflicts of the story. It seems whenever they get into a "close" scene, it ends in one of them throwing insults at the other.
picture of Miroku Introduced in Episode 16. Miroku is a monk on a quest to find and defeat the villainous Naraku. Miroku's most noticeable trait is the wind tunnel in his right hand. This when revealed acts like a black hole and sucks in everything in front of him. Though useful in battle, this hole is in reality a curse given to his family by Naraku. It will soon cause his own death, and he believes that this warrants his overactive sex drive. He finds shelter in temples by giving the often false information that he senses an "ominous cloud" or something of the such hanging over the place. His language is very erudite.
picture of Sango Introduced in Episode 24. Sango is a demon exterminator who lost her village as a result of one of Naraku's evil schemes. Naraku tricks her into fighting Inuyasha. She soon founds out the truth, though, and joins Inuyasha on his journey. Her younger brother Kohaku was killed but then brought back to life by Naraku and was put under his control. Her weapon of choice is the Hiraikotsu, a giant boomerang. And you may not be able to see it, but Miroku developes feelings for her, and she developes feelings for him. She is also, my favorite character in the series.
picture of Shippou Introduced in Episode 9. Shippou is a young fox demon with various weak little tricks up his sleeve. He (yes you heard me right) can change his shape, make multiple images of himself, and put someone's hands in a rather peculiar trap that prevents movement. Being as young as he is, he does not understand what exactly is going on at times.
picture of Myouga A demon flea who accompanies Inuyasha for some of the time on his quest. He often runs away if he feels that all is lost for Inuyasha. Myouga is little more than a moral support character.
picture of Kirara Sango's pet, Kirara is a tiny fire demon that can transform itself into a huge beast. Kirara tags along with Inuyasha and the gang on their journey.
picture of Kaede The younger sister of Kikyo, she witnessed the events of fifty years earlier. She is responsible for the rosary beads found around Inuyasha's neck. Being the one who sent Inuyasha and Kagome together on the quest to find the shards of the Shikon no Tama, she is a source of advice for them.
picture of Kikyo The tragic priestess who guarded the Shikon no Tama fifty years earlier. Kikyo was Inuyasha's lover and in the present she still causes him some trauma. She was resurrected by the demon Kijo Urasue ,and now she wanders the earth, collecting the souls of dead women in order to maintain her body.

...and the bad

picture of Naraku The main villain of the series, Naraku is the shapeshifting demon that caused the tragedies of fifty years earlier. He was created when hundreds of demons combined themselves to the malevolent thief Onigumo. He carries a grudge against Inuyasha and he uses his henchman to try to kill him. He possesses a large number of Shikon no Tama fragments.
picture of Shesshoumaru The elder brother of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru carries very wicked intentions against Inuyasha. He is a full demon and is disgusted by Inuyasha's human blood. He questions Inuyasha's feelings towards humans and in order to show Inuyasha how weak and insignificant he feels humans to be, he has tried many times to end Kagome's life.
picture of Jaken Comparable to Myouga, Jaken is a servant to Sesshoumaru. This midget imp wields a staff that can shoot fire, though, even Kagome could take this little guy on in a fight.

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