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Awards you can apply to...

Kawaii Site Award (Easy) A nice site about Inuyasha.

Beautiful site award (Easy) Beautiful layout and features.

Wind Scar award (Normal) A site based on our favorite half-demon Inuyasha.

Sacred Sutra Award (Normal) A site based on our favorite monk Miroku.

Hiraikotsu Award (Normal) A site based on our favorite taijiya Sango.

Sacred Arrow award (Normal) A site based on Kagome, our favorite miko.

Fire Cat award (Hard) A site based on all characters and very organized.

Kitsune award (Hard) A dark site. Mysterious...

~-Taijiya-Monk-~ (Hard) A site that makes me say "wow". If you have graphics, that will improve your chances.

Apply if you want! Mostly everyone who applies, will win! Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Fill it out, and you'll see if you win!!!


Winners of Awards:

Kawaii Site: [Currently No One]
Beautiful Site:[Currently No One]
Wind Scar Award:[Currently No One]
Sacred Sutra Award: Kristen and Kelsey
Hiraikotsu Award: Kristen and Kelsey
Sacred Arrow Award:[Currently No One]
Fire Cat Award:[Currently No One]
~-Taijiya-Monk-~ Award: Kae Chan
Congratulations Guys!!! [Actually, they're all girls =P]

Fanart Contest!

Fanart contest! You can email your fanart to me and I'll post it here to the finalists. You will recieve a banner for your site, or just enjoyment and pride ^_^ Same rules as the site awards. No porn and no stealing from others.
Good Luck!


Here are the rules:
1. Include your name (The one you want on your banner)
2. Include your email.
3. Include your site URL.
4. No porn or disgusting stuff.
5. No spam or spyware in your site.
6. Nothing on your site that's stolen from others without their permission.
Good Luck!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

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